Internet trends: After the post went viral, many Bengalurians pointed out the photo was used to ward off evil eye

A photo of a woman hanging at a vegetable market in Bengaluru became an internet sensation after it was shared online. The woman’s wide-eyed expression, seemingly directed at the camera, created a humorous contrast with her perceived angry stare.

The photo, dubbed “the angry woman,” went viral after a social media user named Niharika (@Niharika__rao) posted it on May 10th.

“I am so glad I stepped out today,” the caption read, accompanying multiple pictures of the woman’s photo hanging above boxes of tomatoes. Other fruits and vegetables in the background confirmed the market setting.

In response to a comment, Niharika clarified that the photo was taken at a vegetable market near the Kathriguppe water tank, located in Bengaluru’s Banashankari neighborhood.

The post, garnering over 100.6K views at the time of writing, sparked a wave of humorous reactions. One user joked, “Boeing should paste this on the nose of their aircraft,” while another quipped, “This is exactly how I feel about tomatoes as well.”

The woman’s intense gaze also elicited some comments about fright. “My doctor is going to reach out to you for my lack of sleep in the next couple of days. Thanks,” wrote a user playfully.

Beyond the amusement, some users pointed out that the photo might serve a practical purpose. They noted that replicas of the woman’s image were used by other shops in the market, possibly as a way to ward off evil eyes. Photos of the same image being used in other parts of the city even surfaced online.

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