Google Search Custom Filters

Google Search Custom Filters: Tailoring Results to Your Preferences

In a bid to enhance user experience and provide more personalized search results, Google Search has launched a new feature: custom filters. This latest...
Labor Day 1may

Labor Day in India

How Labor Day concept started in IndiaThe history of Labour Day is deeply rooted in the labor union movement, which advocated primarily for...
covishield news

Covishield news : Rare Side Effects and Vaccine Safety

AstraZeneca's acknowledgment of the rare side effect of blood clotting linked to its Covid-19 vaccine has sparked concerns among Covishield recipients in India. However,...
Bel Sharbat

Best Desi Indian Summer Drinks in delhi

As the scorching heat of summer envelops us in its fiery embrace, there's nothing quite as satisfying and refreshing as a cool, revitalizing drink...
ISO certification company

ISO certification company –Choosing the Right ISO Certification Company in Delhi

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How to get iso accreditation

How to get iso accreditation in easy and simle ways

In today's global marketplace, quality management systems play a pivotal role in ensuring the reliability and credibility of products and services. Among the various...
How to Get iso Certification(6 Steps Process) for free online

How to Get iso Certification(6 Steps Process)

Step 1: Selecting the Right Management Standard Understanding how to get ISO certification starts with choosing the appropriate standard from the vast array of over...
Deadpool & Wolverine Director Says

No ‘Homework’ Is Needed To Enjoy The Film: Deadpool & Wolverine Director Says

Marvel fans eagerly anticipate the release of "Deadpool & Wolverine," also known as "Deadpool 3," slated to hit theaters on July 26 after facing...
spider man in dwarka road

The infamous “titanic pose” stunt of Spiderman & Spiderwoman on a motorcycle has caught...

In New Delhi, a couple dressed as the beloved comic book characters Spiderman and Spiderwoman faced legal repercussions after performing motorcycle stunts, including the...
whatsapp news latest news

Firm warns Delhi high court of India exit over encryption: To WhatsApp

In its opposition to the amendments to India's IT rules, WhatsApp asserted that the regulations were introduced without prior consultation, emphasizing concerns over privacy...