Fast and easy Suji Ki Kheer (Rava Payasam) Recipe for everyone

Fast and easy Suji Ki Kheer (Rava Payasam) Recipe for everyone

Suji ki Kheer, also known as Rava Kheer or Rava Payasam, is a delightful Indian pudding that is quick to make and bursting with flavor. Made with semolina, milk, nuts, and infused with the aroma of cardamom, this creamy dessert is perfect for festive occasions like Diwali, Holi, or any celebration with family and friends. In this blog post, we’ll explore the simplicity and deliciousness of Suji ki Kheer and learn how to make it effortlessly in just 20 minutes.

testy Suji Ki Kheer (Rava Payasam)
Testy Suji Ki Kheer (Rava Payasam)

About Suji ki Kheer

Suji ki Kheer is a delightful variation of the classic Indian Kheer, which is traditionally made with basmati rice. In this recipe, we use coarse semolina or cream of wheat (suji) as the main ingredient, along with whole milk, nuts, raisins, and green cardamom powder for added flavor. The result is a rich and creamy pudding with a comforting texture that will leave you craving for more.

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– Semolina (suji or rava)
– Whole milk
– Nuts (cashews, almonds, pistachios)
– Raisins
– Chironji (charoli) (optional)
– Ghee (clarified butter)
– Raw sugar or white sugar
– Green cardamom powder
– Edible camphor (optional)

Step-by-Step Recipe

1. Heat ghee in a thick-bottomed pan and fry cashews until golden brown. If using almonds and pistachios, add them at this stage.
2. Add semolina (suji) to the pan and sauté on low heat until it releases its aroma and ghee separates from the semolina.
3. Pour in milk and stir well to combine. Add sugar and edible camphor (if using), and simmer on low heat until the semolina granules are softened.
4. Stir in green cardamom powder, raisins, and chironji (optional), and cook for a few more minutes until the kheer thickens slightly.
5. Remove from heat and serve hot, warm, or chilled. Enjoy the delicious Suji ki Kheer with poori, paratha, or as a standalone dessert after dinner.


Suji ki Kheer is a versatile and delectable dessert that is sure to impress your family and friends during festive celebrations or any special occasion. With its simple ingredients and quick preparation time, this Rava Payasam recipe is a must-try for anyone craving a sweet treat that’s both comforting and indulgent. So, why wait? Whip up a batch of Suji ki Kheer today and delight your taste buds with its creamy goodness.

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