At this restaurant in Chandigarh, parathas are made with diesel? What the Owner said!

A video went viral on social media platforms, sparking outrage and confusion. The clip allegedly showed a food vendor in Chandigarh cooking “diesel parathas,” a popular flatbread supposedly fried in diesel fuel.

The three-minute video depicted a man at a roadside restaurant preparing a paratha. When questioned about the ingredients, he jokingly claimed to be making a “diesel paratha.” He then poured an excessive amount of oil on the cooking paratha, further fueling the misconception.

The video caused a stir online, with viewers demanding an investigation from India’s food safety regulator, the FSSAI. The owner of the food stall, Channi Singh, quickly refuted the claims.

“We neither make nor serve anything called a ‘diesel paratha,'” Singh clarified to news agency ANI. “The video was made by a blogger purely for fun.”

Singh emphasized the absurdity of using diesel to cook food. “It’s common sense that no one would eat a paratha cooked in diesel,” he said, highlighting that they use only edible oil, as is customary for preparing parathas.

Food Blogger Apologises For “Diesel Parathas”

Singh was unaware of the video’s virality and revealed that the food blogger, who has since deleted the clip, never informed him about its potential reach.

The food blogger behind the video, Amanpreet Singh (known online as “oyefoodiesingh”), issued an apology on Tuesday. He expressed deep regret for the content and acknowledged the distress it caused.

“I sincerely apologize to the Chandigarh Administration, the people of Chandigarh, and all of India,” Singh stated in a new video alongside the food stall owner. “I deeply regret the video and any offense it may have caused. Your understanding and forgiveness would mean a great deal to me.”

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