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Why keep Buddha statue at home ?

Why keep  Buddha statue at home ?


  1. 7 vastu recommended places to keep a Buddha statue at home
  2. The entrance door
  3. The living room

  4. In the garden

  5. Pooja or Meditation Room

  6. In kids room or study

  7. Over the dining table or wall near the main entrance

  8. On the bookshelf or glass shelf

Your serene residence ought to address what you accept. A Buddha is a sheer portrayal of peacefulness and serenity. Vastu specialists have recommended putting the Buddha in your home to keep a positive and amicable energy. We as a whole observer flexible Buddha sculptures set carefully at delightful houses. As per Vastu, putting the Buddha at better places in your home can affect your psychological wellness and harmony. This is on the grounds that soundness and a solid perspective are straightforwardly connected to our living site.

The entrance door

Whenever we visit somewhere, we stop at the entry. Putting a Buddha sculpture that depicts a gift picture at the entryway of your home will keep every one of the restricting powers outside. The significance of the insurance mudra, while one hand is to give favors and the other is to safeguard the environmental elements. In any case, make sure to keep the Buddha over three-four feet starting from the earliest stage, put the Buddha on the floor.

The living room

As per Vastu, setting a leaning back Buddha towards the right, confronting the west can carry harmony and concordance to your home. Put it on a perfect table or retire to represent your internal convictions and perspective. Individuals will naturally observe the tranquil sculpture, feel calm, and think of you as a serene individual.

In the garden

In the event that you love the sensation of strolling in your nursery on a quiet night, adding a Buddha is the ideal decision for you. To start with, track down a thinking Buddha and spot it in a perfect corner of your nursery, according to Vastu. Subsequent to doing as such, you will feel more good and loose while you go for a stroll in your wonderful nursery. You can likewise add scented candles or sticks to look for better inward harmony while contemplating.

Pooja or Meditation Room

Numerous Buddhist individuals place the reflecting Buddha relic in the room they supplicate. It gives out sure and loosening up energy to assist them with concentrating better. You can place it in the corner pointing toward the East, as it addresses timeless information and edification. This will assist you with accomplishing inward feeling of harmony and keep up with the air. You can likewise put the supplicating and gave Buddha in your pooja room. Notwithstanding, make sure to put it at eye level; it is thought of as unpropitious to put the edified Master under the eye level.

In kids room or study

Different Buddha poses and gestures offer different meanings. To achieve academic success, put a small head of Buddha or reclining Buddha at the corner of the table facing east.

Over the dining table or wall near the main entrance

This is the best spot to hang a hand-laid out image of Buddha. Hanging a work of art will give a complex look and will make an emanation of peacefulness in your home. You can undoubtedly pick a composition of your craving to be hung in your parlor or over the eating table on the web. However, as indicated by Vastu, recollect that Buddha’s painting ought to continuously look inside the house.

On the bookshelf or glass shelf

To start with, snickering Buddha isn’t equivalent to Gautam Buddha. In any case, he likewise represents harmony and bliss and is a decent curio for moderate individuals. So kindly spot it in the east bearing in the shelf to succeed giggles and grins in your home.


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