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Who is Orhan Awatramani , Orry | parents | Background

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Orry Awatramani

Arry awatramani so popular in bollywood party 

who is Orhan awatramani

Orhan Awatramani is an Indian social activist and so populaqr in bollywood part you can see him every bollywood party . Most of his pics you can see with star kids in social media. Orhan also famous nick name orry he is comeing froma a wealthy backgground  orhan is friend with most of bollywood’s Gen-Z actor and star kids , we can see them with Janhvi kapoor, Sara ali Khjan , Nysa Devgn , ananya Panday ,ASryan KLhan Suhna khan , isha ambani and also with othe5r rbollywood stars . Not only in Bollywood Celebrities also his contact in Hollywood withh Celebrities like Anna hathaways anmd famous Kardashian Family 

Orry Aka Orhan Awatramani Age is

Orry aka orhan , birth date 2 August , 1999. Coming from wealthy Family he is complet his studies in New York city . Orry age in 2023 is 24 year old 

Orhan Awatramani father

Orhan Born in Mumbai to Jorj Awatramani and Shahnaz Awatramani . Rumors and reports said that Orry’s Father Jorj Awatramani is in the top management team of Indian Businessman Mukesh Ambani and complet his studies from New York City’s Columbia University with star kids like sara Ali Khan 

Orhan awatramani business

Most of time people see  orry  in Party so what he do for living. Orry Aka Orhana Awatramani have 470K Followers on Instagram , orry is not only fashion influencer but he special project Manager at the RIL Chairperson Office . Many rumors claim that orry work for Reliance Fashion as their International Collaboration manager.

Orhan awatramani net worth

Orry Aka Orhan awatramani has estimated approx total net worth is 2-8 Crores. Execty this net worth number could be change 

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