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What is Muhurat Trading | Diwali Muhurat Trading Concept 2023

Muhurat Trading timing for an hour on Novermber 12, 2023  

On 12 Novermber BSE and NSE give notice about Muhurat Trading.The securities exchanges (NSE and BSE) will open for an hour for Diwali muhurat exchanging on Sunday, 12 November 2023. According to the notification by BSE and NSE, the emblematic exchanging meeting will be held between 6 pm and 7.15 pm. This incorporates a 15-minute pre-market meeting, the stock trades said in discrete fliers.

What is Muhurat Trading

It is believed that trading during the ‘muhurat’ or auspicious hour brings prosperity and financial growth.Muhurat Trading a hour of trading session that make on Diwali. It is considered an best  time to invest in stocks. According to hindu belive they consider Diwali as a good time to start anytghing new and get benifit  all through the year.

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