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Year -On-Year Mercedes-Benz registers 11% growth , Deliver 12,768 new cars

Between January-Septembe 2023 Mercedes-benz has announced that they delivered 12,768 new cars to customers.Mercedes-benz reported 11% YTD growth. Compared data january-september 2022, the manufactures sold 11,469 units. The brand has reported high demand for top-end vehicles such as S-Class ,Mercedes-Maybach,AMGs and EQS. In the jan-Sep’23 period, that grew up to 22 percent , comprising 25percent of YTD sales.   The New A-Class and the C-Class continue their strong market demand , contributing significant volumes for the sedan segment.The luxury segment that consists of C-class,LWB E-Class,GLC and GLE SUV also had robust sales performance.There have been supply chain issues for SUVs like GLA,GLC and GLS. The highest selling model for the manufacturer was the LWB E-Class and there has been high demand for the newly launched GLC SUV. Merced-Benz offering a Sustainability Loyalty Bonus to customers who want to switch from ICE to EVs. In addition,Mercedes-Benz will support 50% of the road tax for any EQB,EQS and EQE SUV sold in October. The 50% support on the road tax is for those states where road tax is applicable at the time of registration of electric vehicles. “We are excited that Mercedes-Benz remains the most desirable luxury brand in india , and we are doing everything possible to fulfil our customers   ” expectation and wishes . In continuation of curating the best customer experience , we are embarking on an exclusive partnership with NMACC, offering our customers bespoke experiences from the world of exclusive art and culture. Our customers are cannoisseure of the ‘extraordinary’ and through our association with NMACC, they will now have an elevated experiene and exclusive access to world renowned artist and avanatgarde eclectice art shows at NMACC.”

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