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Kati Bihu 2023: eginning of the new harvest season

Kati Bihu, also known as Kangali Bihu, is a traditional festival celebrated in the Indian state of Assam. It is one of the three Bihu festivals in Assam, with the other two being Rongali Bihu (Bohag Bihu) and Magh Bihu (Bhogali Bihu). Kati Bihu is observed in the Assamese month of Kati, which usually falls in mid-October.

Kati Bihu is primarily an agrarian festival that marks the sowing season for crops, especially paddy. It is a festival that signifies hope and prayers for a good harvest. The word “Kati” is derived from the Assamese word “Kati,” which means “to light,” as lighting oil lamps or diya is an essential part of the celebrations.

In short of Kati Bihu :

1. Kati Bihu Lighting of Akash Banti:

People light oil lamps or earthen lamps (Akash Banti) in their fields, on the rooftops, and around the household to seek blessings for a bountiful harvest. The lamps are believed to guide the goddess Lakshmi to their homes.

2. Kati Bihu Offerings to Tulsi Plant:

Special offerings and prayers are made to the holy basil plant (Tulsi) to seek divine blessings for a prosperous crop.

3. Playing traditional instruments:

People celebrate Kati Bihu by playing traditional Assamese instruments like dhol, pepa (horn), and singing traditional Bihu songs.


Kati Bihu Prayers and rituals:

Special rituals and prayers are performed, and people seek blessings from the deities for a successful farming season.


Kati Bihu Lighting of traditional bonfires:

In some regions of Assam, people also light traditional bonfires during the night to protect the paddy fields from pests and insects.

Kati Bihu is a significant festival for the farmers and agricultural communities in Assam, as it marks the beginning of the farming season. It’s a time when people come together to celebrate, pray for a good harvest, and express their gratitude to the gods and goddesses for their blessings.

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