Skype Messenger Multiple Login

Skype is one of the popular web-based application that allows users to make voice calls over the internet. This feature is available in most of the messengers but Skype also allows you to make Landline and Mobile phone calls based on a debit user account. It has become popular for its additional features like instant messaging, file transfer and Video Conferencing.

If you have more than one Skype account you can use this trick to open multiple instances of the same skype application provided you have version 4 or later. Here is how to do it:

Go to the directory where Skype is installed. For example: C:Program Files SkypePhone

Right click on Skype.exe icon and Select Send to –> Desktop(create shortcut). It will create a Skype shorcut on your Desktop.

Now go to your Desktop and select the newly created Skype icon. Right click and select Properties.

In the Target field add, at the end of the directory path, a space followed by the text /Secondary.

Press ‘OK’ to save the settings. You are done!

Now double-click the Skype icon on your desktop to login with as many accounts as you want.

NOTE: The Directory Path shown above may be different in different versions of windows or may vary according to the directory in which Skype is installed.

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