Orkut and Gmail Multiple Login

Orkut is a Social Networking Site owned and designed by Google Inc. You can easily login to more than one orkut account at the same time from the same computer. This trick doesn’t require any patch for its working, you just require Mozilla Firefox installed on your computer. Just follow the simple steps:

Go to Desktop. Right click on My Computer and select Properties.

Under Properties choose the Advanced Settings Tab and click Environment Variables button.In System Variables section, click New and type the information as follows : variable name: moz_no_remote and variable value:

1 .Now go to Desktop. Right click on the firefox icon and select properties (if there is no shortcut to the firefox on desktop by default then create one by moving to the directory where it is installed).

In the Target field (under Shortcut Properties), at the end of the directory path, add a space followed by the text -p.

Press OK to save the settings. You are done!

Now open firefox, it will ask you to create a Profile. This is not the Orkut profile but just a general ‘firefox profile’. Create your profile and login to the Orkut. To login to another Orkut profile, open another Firefox window from the desktop and choose another ‘firefox profile’. Similarly, the more the ‘firefox profile’ you create the more Orkut Accounts you can simultaneously login into.

Note that you can also apply this trick by installing firefox addons (Plugins). Two such firefox addons are as follows:



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