How to make a folder with no-name

Maybe you are thinking it is so easy, just go to rename option and set blank name or single spacebar entry but the problem is this, windows will not allow you to set blank name or name with single spacebar entry. So here is how you do this :

  • Click on the desired icon.
  • Press F2 to Rename.
  • Clear all the text from that icon/folder.
  • Now type the ASCII code for space, simply hold the Alt key, type the number 0160 from the number pad and release the Alt key.
  • Press Enter to finish the process.

Note: If you are making sub-folders within a similar folder with no-name (or want to remove the text of multiple icons) then repeat the above process with adding one extra ASCII code for second icon, (for example for second icon you type the 0160 twice and for third icon type 0160 three times and so on).

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