How to Hide Your Identity While Surfing the Web

Be safe while Surfing!

When you surf on the web, you leave behind your footprints and the website administrators can see the region from where and through which browser their site is being accessed and how many times you visited the site. Other technical details like your operating system and IP address is also visible to the webmaster and unfortunately there is no flawless way to do the job anonymously.

The settings offered by the browser for anonymous surfing just stops your own system from recording where you surf and stops cookies from being saved and the information you leave on the internet are details that the browser itself can’t stop.

Another option is to use proxy servers so whenever you visit a site it will see the IP address of the proxy server. But in this case Law enforcement agencies can still determine the identity of the users in some cases, since the proxy servers store that data, another problem with them is that they are inconsistent; they are on today and the day after they are not, even they are potentially dangerous, and are even hackers who may steal information of users.

To protect your own identity effectively when you’re surfing the web, you need the TOR(free software and an open network that helps you defend against a form of network surveillance that threatens personal freedom and privacy) and JAP(JonDonym Anonymous Proxy) anonymisation services. The page requests are then broken down and fed across multiple servers to the point where it’s no longer possible to see where they originated.

Hiding your IP by using a Hide IP software is also a method that enables you to do anonymous surfing. You can google for various IP address hiding softwares available across the web then you just need to install it and it will run behind the screen of your system. You may then visit any site of your choice with all your online activities secured. Try all methods and find which one suits you the best.

But I personally suggest that hiding your IP using a Hide IP software is the best option.

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